Multibootusb version 8.1.0 is released

The latest version of multibootusb is here. Some of the chages made in this release are listed below:- Fix for debain package bug which does not pull in dependency packages Included 7zip for extracting ISO files (including UDF) Fix for windows installer Added Comodo Rescue Disk ISO Fix for... [Read More]

Upgraded version of multibootusb 8.0.0 is ready

Here comes the latest and upgraded version of multibootusb (version 8.0.0). I would like to thank all people who had helped and contributed code since last version (7.5.0). More importantly, ‘Lee’ who had ported isodump script to work with python3 within short period of time. Jookia, who contributed many... [Read More]

New site for the project

Finally, I have moved the website hosting from godaddy to github. The process was easier than I expected. Also wanted to inform you all that the development of next version of multibootusb is underway. New release will be based on python 3 and pyqt5. [Read More]

Version 7.5.0 is ready with iso imager

Introducing ISO Imager. With this release users will be able to write ISO images to USB disk. This is similar to Image Writer but cross platform. This features can be accessed under ISO Imager tab. Some of the notable changer since previous versions are:- Now you can write ISO... [Read More]

Download the version 7.4.0

There has been lot of effort in this release to make source code readable and included doc strings. Here are some of the changes since version 7.3.0:- Portion of the code has been rewritten. Added support for ext2/3/4 and Btrf filesystem. Corrected wrong naming of persistence files. Bug fix... [Read More]