New release is ready version 9.1.0

With this latest version, you can boot ISOs directly from ISO. Once the live USB is made using multibootusb, simply copy ISOs to /multibootusb/iso directory. Thats it. Therafter, boot to GRUB menu and select Scan and Boot ISO option. The menu files are copied from other project with... [Read More]

Releasing multibootusb version 9.0.0

Sorry guys for the delay. It is a long pending release after implementing EFI support. There has been lot of feedbacks and issues reported related to EFI implimentation. Done some bit in this respect. Hopefully, it should be better than previos release. Also, this release takes care of crash on... [Read More]

Version 8.9.0 is ready for download

This is a long pending release after the version 8.8.0 was released in May 2017. Using my little free time to release this newer version 8.8.0. Major changes since version 8.8.0 are:- Support for GPT based USB disks. But my experience with GPT disk was erratic. Some time it... [Read More]

Download version 8.8.0

Releasing the newer version just after a week version 8.7.1 was released. Major changes since version 8.7.1 are:- Fix for crash when listing fixed partition Simplified 7zip listing to include directories as well Correctly remove files installed outside multibootusb directory when uninstalling Added option to select zip files when... [Read More]

Bug fix release (8.7.1) is ready for download

This release is mainly a bug fix release. No new distros are added. However, new features for command line usage is added. It is possible to install multiple distros at a time using command line options. The major bug fix is for rpm based distros which had an import... [Read More]