This is a long pending release after the version 8.8.0 was released in May 2017. Using my little free time to release this newer version 8.8.0. Major changes since version 8.8.0 are:-

  • Support for GPT based USB disks. But my experience with GPT disk was erratic. Some time it works and some time not. Try your luck
  • Added new command line option to install sysinux on multibootusb director (use -s or –syslinux)
  • Added new command line option write ISO images directly to USB disk (use -r or –raw)
  • Boot un supported ISO or IMG directly using memdisk
  • Added feature for selecting ISO, IMG or Zip from file chooser dialog
  • Corrected path to menu.lst file for distrs based on grub4dos
  • Fix for crash when multicard reader is inserted on the system without a SD card
  • Correctly detect USB disk information using udisk2-dbus without crash under Linux
  • Fixed an issue where path contain spaces would result in qemu boot error
  • If distro is not supported, ISO is automatically added using memdisk. You can uninstall later if it does not work
  • Added Nano Linux
  • Added KonBoot
  • Startup time of windows version of multibootusb will be little slow as it has to check for GPT disk.

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