This release is mainly a bug fix release. No new distros are added. However, new features for command line usage is added. It is possible to install multiple distros at a time using command line options. The major bug fix is for rpm based distros which had an import error with previous version of multibootusb install. Few of the changes since version 8.7.0 are:-

  • Warning text under ‘Write image to disk’ tab
  • Fix for rpm based distro which did not run due to import error
  • Fix for suse package and it now checks for correct package dependencies
  • Copy only multibootusb directory to USB if user accept installation choice
  • Display human readable size for an ISO in terminal
  • New command line option to skip confirmation message ‘try multibootusb -c -h’ for more details
  • New command line option to install multiple distros at a time (Windows user should be able to run only under source code)
  • Fix for crash when installing under Install syslinux tab
  • Prevent read only filesystem under Linux
  • Corrected setup file copy location preventing crash
  • Improved multibootusb-pkexec script for working under rpm and deb based distros
  • Create correct policy file during build time for various packages
  • Improved user guide at
  • Various code cleanups

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