There has been quite some work within this week. This quick release also required as multibootusb did not run under opensuse. This release provides improved command line user experience. Some of the changes since version 8.6.0 are:-

  • Welcome “Alin Trăistaru (alindt)”. He is now one of the major contributor for the project
  • Hide GUI widgets when installation in progress
  • Show USB disk size in USB details
  • Reduced CPU usage drastically
  • Open default text editor application under Linux for editing syslinux file
  • Reduced various redundant function calls
  • Dropped p7zip-plugin for suse and mageia (package not available in repo)
  • Improved CLI user experience. Windows users should run from source to enable this option
  • Added custom functions for writing custom loopback.cfg file
  • Various code cleanup
  • Removed windows line ending which prevented application not to start under Linux
  • Corrected systemrescuecd subdir path
  • Full credit to and added as
  • Added colour to terminal output
  • Bundled Colorama module
  • Added vba32rescue ISO
  • Added PC Tools ISO
  • Few other minor improvements to code

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