The latest version of multibootusb is here. Some of the chages made in this release are listed below:-

  • Fix for debain package bug which does not pull in dependency packages
  • Included 7zip for extracting ISO files (including UDF)
  • Fix for windows installer
  • Added Comodo Rescue Disk ISO
  • Fix for kaspersky rescue disk
  • Generic fix for distros using isolinux version 3
  • A new installer/setup executable for windows
  • Fix for random crash when trying to detect syslinux version
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes…

For Windows users:-

There is some issue with the single file executable in addition to increase in size. I also found that starting multibootusb from actual install works much faster. Therefore, unlike previous releases this release comes only as setup file. You have to install it on your machine. I have also included uninstall script so that any time you can remove multibootusb without any issue.