There has been lot of effort in this release to make source code readable and included doc strings. Here are some of the changes since version 7.3.0:-

  • Portion of the code has been rewritten.
  • Added support for ext2/3/4 and Btrf filesystem.
  • Corrected wrong naming of persistence files.
  • Bug fix for PartedMagic update script.
  • Few typo has been corrected.
  • Included doc strings.
  • Now install and uninstall script is written in python.
  • Upgraded the debian build script (stdeb) to latest version.
  • Lot of other minor bug fixes.
  • GUI is slightly larger now.
  • Generic way to remove files outside multibootusb directory.
  • Various improvements to build script.

Feel free to make an issue and pull request.

Head over to this link for old releases…